Trailer Valet RVR Remote Controlled VR Mover

$2100 USD
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Let a robot do the heavy lifting with the Trailer Valet RVR Remote Controlled VR Mover. By using a remote control, the Trailer Valet takes care of moving your trailer while you watch. Plus, you don’t even have to use your own drills. Aside from moving your trailer at the touch of a button, the remote control also enables you to do it from a distance. In fact, you can be as far as forty feet away, making it ideal for maneuvering without any extra help. The RVR also comes with heavy-duty caterpillar treads, allowing it to move on different terrains including dirt, grass, gravel, and asphalt. It also provides two or four planetary gear motors that are capable of driving both single and dual axle trailers. The RVR has a rechargeable battery that offers up to thirty minutes of runtime.

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