Remote Dog Treat Dispenser by PetSafe

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PetSafe’s Train n’ Praise Treat Dispenser brings treat-training into the 21st century. Using a small handheld remote, you can coach good behavior from a distance as soon as it happens. These behaviors include stopping your dog from jumping on visitors at the door and begging during meal time. One push of the remote from 25 feet or less will dispense the treat of your choosing as a reward for a job well done. Use it to keep your pet away from the door when a visitor arrives, as a reward for not barking or for a positive training reinforcement. The Train ‘n Praise System works using a handheld remote that activates the dispenser at a push of a button. Immediately, small to medium sized kibble is released. The pet treat dispenser can be mounted to the wall or used freestanding. It contains a low battery indicator and is AC adapter compatible.

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