GROOVER Removable Handlebar Electric Kick-Scooter

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Get more out of an electric scooter with the GROOVER Removable Handlebar Electric Kick-Scooter. Featuring a removable two-kilogram steering column, you can easily lock the GROOVER board or leave it in your car. The steering column allows you to charge your devices on the go using the built-in USB and Bluetooth port. Additionally, the carbon fiber steering column is easy to handle, lightweight and comfortable. Using a patented Bayonet lock, removing the column takes merely a twist. With a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour, the GROOVER board also comes with a recuperation brake. The brake maintains speed while riding downhill and gives a long cruising range of up to 20 kilometers. Furthermore, the head unit features a ring of 12 colored LEDs to display all the functions you need. Finally, use the app to configure the LED ring, select your riding mode, check battery status and more.

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