KLOK-08 Retro Style Unisex Watch

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Pay tribute to the sixties with the KLOK-08 Retro Style Unisex Watch. Featuring two concentric disks, the KLOK-O8 watch comes with one disk for hours and minutes and the other for seconds. Additionally, it rotates counter-clockwise to show the time on a vertical line above the dial. The retro style unisex watch offers five unique designs with different dial colors. Likewise, a sapphire glass version is available for each color. The sapphire version is more scratch resistant, resulting in a more luxurious timepiece. The KLOK-O8 watch is also interchangeable and comes with personal customization options. In fact, the watch head uses a patented click-in, click-out system that allows you to just clip it on or off. You can also change the look of your KLOK-O8 watch by swapping the strap to suit the occasion.

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