RetroBlox Modular HD Retro Game Console

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Take a trip to yesteryear with the RetroBlox Modular HD Retro Game Console. Complete with an optical CD/DCD drive, this system also has a motherboard, various ports, and a Blox Bus interface. The RetroBlox also uses Element Modules which are removable cartridge connectors. Simply choose the old school game you want to play, attach the corresponding module, and pop into place. The RetroBlox uses the ports to connect to your big screen and give you a throwback to the best days of your life. Additionally, the RetroBlox features USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and MicroSATA ports as well as a microSD slot. With this, you can a seamless connection to your display along with extra storage space. While the system is for physical games, you can also back up your games to modern technology.

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