Fixate Reusable Gel Pads

$4 USD
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Easily stick objects anywhere you like with the Fixate Reusable Gel Pads. The Fixate gel pads can stick to practically anything, allowing endless options for attaching things right where you need them. For example, you can use Fixate Gel Pads to hold your phone to your dashboard. Or you can use it to keep your keys on the wall by your door. To use Fixate Gel Pads, peel off the protective plastic and store the plastic for future use. Then stick your Fixate wherever you want it, though it works best on clean, non-porous surfaces. Lastly, stick your device or item to the Fixate. To remove the device or item, just twist and pull it gently. Gently peel Fixate off the surface when you want to remove it. Finally, you can wash, air dry and put the Fixate back in its protective plastic when you aren’t using it.

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