Revl – The World’s Smartest Action Camera

$399 USD
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Never waste time editing videos again with Revl – the smart action camera. It’s an awesome design which is here to put an end to shaky footage. This camera is a design everyone can love which makes filming easy and allows you to focus on the actual experience. There is a rubber coating provided on the camera that is soft to the touch and will provide protection as well as functional grip even in snow or water. It combines the power of electronic and physical stabilization which will eliminate shakiness and keeps the horizon leveled. There is an integrated gimbal which can rotate continuously and gives you the stable video in the most unstable conditions. They use data from our sensors to automatically edit your videos. Apart from this, the Revl Arc will capture live data including motion: acceleration, rotation, speed, G-force and connects to external sensors like heart rate monitors and GPS. It’s everything you want your action camera to be like; smart and super fast!

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