Pony-O Revolutionary Hair Accessories

$20 USD
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Comfortably wear a ponytail all day long with the Pony-O Revolutionary Hair Accessories. Suitable for any hair type, the Pony-O eliminates the need for ineffective and uncomfortable hair accessories. With a comfortable grip that stays in place, you can keep your hair up throughout the day without headaches or creases. Featuring a patented design, anyone can easily use the Pony-O. Simply insert two fingers through the center of the Pony-O and feed your hair through it once. Then squash it so it becomes flat and separately bend each end down. Similarly, Pony-O comes out easily without damaging your hair. Just open it wide to slide it out. Additionally, its flexible core is soft and easy to bend. Finally, the more you shape and bend the Pony-O, the better it will stay in place.

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