Rewritable Glow T-Shirt From Glow Threads

$8 USD
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The unique Glow T-Shirt from Glow Threads is an interactive tee that on which you can write again and again. You get a UV mini light that you can use to doodle on the t-shirt and make your etchings glow in the dark. It barely lasts for a minute before vanishing, leaving you with a clean slate on which you can draw and scribble all over again. You, or anyone else with the UV mini light, can draw on the front, back and even the sleeves of the tee. It’ll be amateur tattoo hour minus the regret the next morning when you wake to find a butterfly carved on your behind. These tats aren’t even on your body, but you can still show them off at parties and other nefarious gatherings after the sun goes down.

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