Right Shears – Innovative Scissors

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After thousands of years, we finally have a better pair of scissors from ReExcite LLC. The Right Shears are here to help you enjoy a better way of using scissors than the conventional approach you have been used to for years. These are natural grip scissors that will help those who find it difficult to perform these everyday tasks. Even arthritis patients can use them with ease. From posterboard to cardboard to tin and aluminum, these scissors can cut all of them with super precision and ease. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that Right Shears can slice your toasts too! The natural grip allows you to keep your wrist straight and your arm as well as your shoulder down. The handle and right-angle design allows for superior ergonomics and keeps your hand out of the way whenever you’re cutting something. Where would you like to apply these unconventional scissors for the first time?

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