Road to Pro – Tennis Swing Training System

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Fix common problems of tennis swings by applying the Tennis Swing Trainer on the arms to touch the body at key phases of a swing. It combines the Tennis Swing Trainer™ and the Tennis Swing Training Manual to provide tactile (touching and doing) and visual learning into a package. The Tennis Swing Trainer™ is worn on the players’ arms to be able to feel where the arms are positioned at key phases of a tennis swing. The Tennis Swing Trainer™ can be worn on the arms to be able to rally with your coaches or hitting partners. The Tennis Swing Training System™ was designed not only to help players replicate the proper swings they are working on while rallying, but without restricting movement to be able to hit other strokes. The Tennis Swing Training Manual teaches how to apply the Tennis Swing Trainer into proper positions for each and every stroke in tennis (Forehand, Two-handed backhand, One-handed Backhand, Slice, Forehand and Backhand Volleys, Serves, and the Overhead/Smash).

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