RoboCup Mug from OmniCup

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The RoboCup Mug from OmniCup is a cyborg mug pieced together using ceramic and perhaps a bit of steel and human spirit too. When James Murphy tells you to drink a cup of tea, you do it or risk taking on the RoboCup’s wrath. All you see is the stern line of his mouth covered by that cap of steely looking ceramic. But behind it is the still-partly human brain of RoboCup that keeps the nasty sleepiness and repressed memories and dreams that follow at bay by giving you a supercharged jolt of caffeine to wake you up. RoboCup is dishwasher and microwave friendly, so being underwater or in hot and extremely dangerous conditions is just another day of tea enforcement for him. If other people in your family want one too, then you can always get RoboCup II, RoboCup III, and so on.


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