RollPro III – GoPro Organizer Carrying Case

$79 USD
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The RollPro III was created from the simple need to organize and carry the mass of accessories that come with the GoPro cameras.Organizes 1-3 GoPro cameras, plus all the accessories included. *Fits all GoPro cameras, including Hero 4. The RollPro III is designed and handmade in California. Because of this, quality and consistency can be achieved. High quality materials are used to create a beautiful and durable organizer. Conventional camera bags have voids of space for large equipment and are designed to protect delicate units. Since GoPro has defied both size and fragility, a new means of organizing and carrying is also in order. With the RollPro III, the team has set out to create an organizer that compliments GoPro’s characteristics by designing it exclusively for the GoPro and its accessories. The result is a fat free case that tames the GoPro and its entourage of pieces in a functional and beautiful fashion.

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