Sad Piggies Card Game of Piggy Deaths

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Try to save the Sad Piggies in the Card Game of Piggy Deaths from ending up on the breakfast table. These proud pigs are trying to avoid certain death and your plate. But, their goal is a suicidal mission as they would rather have their demise be at their own hands (err, hooves). Unfortunately, the daft piggies have misplaced their tools in the barn. It’s up to you to help these pigs by finding their preferred tools. Throughout the game, you’ll collect piggy corpses by correctly matching the right Tool Card to the right Pig Card. In addition, you can use the Action Cards to take pigs from other players or stop them from winning. These actions include body bagging to protect your corpses and reviving other players’ pigs as well as outright stealing them. The game is over when the first player collects the most pigs wins the game. With a fast paced game-play and taking just five minutes to learn, the Sad Piggies Game is great for those aged 10 and older. May the most “helpful” player win!

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