Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator 2018

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You can do much more than keep your food cold with the new 2018 Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator. This impressive kitchen cooler has Bixby, Samsung’s smart assistant, built in. As a result, you can control other smart devices around your home by speaking to your refrigerator! The Family Hub will even recognize the different voices of your household, and provide relevant information. Say, “Hi Bixby, what’s new?” and the refrigerator will talk you through your calendar appointments or the weather forecast. In addition, the Family Hub has built-in AKG speakers for kitchen tunes. You can listen directly from Pandora, or stream music from your smartphone. Finally, this impressive refrigerator helps you plan meals. It provides recipes based on your preferences and dietary requirements. Meanwhile, the Deals app lets users save money on grocery shopping. Look out for the Family Hub line arriving sometime this spring.

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