SANS-13 Evolution Watch By Smith&Bradley

$250 USD
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If you are in search of a wristwatch that will complement your everyday style with proper functionality, then the SANS-13 Evolution Watch By Smith&Bradley is the next right choice for you. The case uses an Anti-reflective coated Sapphire crystal with a 120-click bezel. Typical bezel designs can move once you make them serve a specific timing purpose. The reason being the fact that the bezel hangs over the edge of the case and is susceptible to a bump against the side that can eventually move it. The new SANS-13 Evolution bezel requires you to engage the bezel. You cannot bump it as easily as typical bezels do. Notice the edge of the bezel is in the interior of the case. Apart from this, the crown tube is another new add-on from the team. They use a 2 O-ring interior tube seal. One near the outside edge and one in the middle. The crown itself has a rubber seat for the final seal. Together with these and the stainless steel bracelet, this wristwatch can become a perfect one for outdoor use. Would you prefer it in some other color as well?

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