InMotion Scooterboard Electric Rideable

$699 USD
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Introducing the InMotion Scooterboard Electric Rideable. It’s a brand new electric skateboard/scooter hybrid with three wheels and a handle to give riders more control and stability than ever before. The experience is similar to board sports because you ride it with a sideways stance using lean-to-steer dynamics. However, the control handle opens up a whole new world of possibility for people who never felt skilled (or brave) enough to ride. The one-handed handle of Scooterboard gives experienced and inexperienced riders alike so much more confidence to carve it up like a pro in no time. Scooterboard also has a dramatically shorter learning curve compared to other electric rideables. In fact, there is almost no learning curve at all. Highly portable, Scooterboard folds up with ease, so you can tow it next to you like luggage when you’re not riding.

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