ScootMatic – Foldable Electric Bike and Scooter Combo

$799 USD
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SONT has released its newest product – the electric bike and scooter combo called ScootMatic. The Scootmatic has been designed to be easily foldable, transportable, and is perfect for commuters. The ScootMatic folds to take up minimal space and once unfolded can reach speeds of over 15 MPH. With four different gears the ScootMatic can climb uphill, or ride smoothly and with speed on flat surfaces. Do you ever get frustrated by traffic in urban environments? Expensive fuel? The Scootmatic solves all transportation problems. The Scootmatic weighs only 35 Pounds and drives up to 28 Miles on a single charge. It folds up within five seconds, and can be easily rolled behind you or lifted up a flight of stairs. The Scootmatic is compact. It can fit into the trunk of your car, under your bed or into your closet for easy storage. The Scootmatic features Bluetooth speakers to listen to your favorite tunes on the road, USB charger to keep all your electronics charged, LED Headlights to drive at night, and LED screen for all riding information.

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