Scottoiler Cycle S1 System

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The Scottoiler Cycle S1 System – an automatic chain lubrication system, guaranteed to enhance your performance with significant increases in max power output with no additional effort. Initial testing revealed up to 12W in Power Gains using the system. The system attaches to your bike and automatically delivers the optimum quantity of premium fresh lubricant onto the chain exactly when required. This equates to increased efficiency and enhanced performance, making sure you get the maximum performance out of your bike. Traditional chain lubrication quickly picks up dirt and grit and wears off over time, reducing chain efficiency. The Cycle S1 system ensures your chain is always lubricated, using a specially formulated non-stick lube that keeps your chain in optimum condition. The Cycle S1 is easily fitted, filled and adaptable. It is durable – mud proof, waterproof and shockproof – giving you maximum chain efficiency whatever you throw at it. Dr. Geraint Florida-Thomas, Edinburgh Napier University conducted rigorous testing of the system and found cyclists averaged a 5% increase in power output when using the Cycle S1 system.

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