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Seatswing – Hands-Free Toilet Seat

$45.10 USD
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End the blame-game for leaving the toilet seat up and use the Seatswing Hands-Free Toilet Seat. This amazing device lifts and lowers without your hands. That’s right – a simple tap with your knee and this toilet seat moves with precision. The unique design of the Seatswing uses the force of a single tap to lift and lower. Coming in all white, the Seatswing is compatible with all types of toilets. In addition, is uses high-quality Duroplast. This material is known in the toilet seat industry for its durability and strength. Easy to operate, both men and women can use the Seatswing with confidence. And, best of all, you don’t have to worry about touching the seat again. Additionally, the construction of the Seatswing makes it easy to clean. Installation is also a breeze and takes just minutes.

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