Sequent Kinetic Self-Charging Smartwatch

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Use clean energy to stay connected when you have the Sequent Kinetic Self-Charging Smartwatch. This wearable focuses on the main problem with our devices: dead batteries. By using your movement, the Sequent Smartwatch stays active just like you. In fact, it uses no coin cell batteries and never requires a wall socket. Incredibly, the more you move and workout, the faster the watch will charge. Talk about motivation! With this wearable, you can customize which notifications you want to receive and when. With a classic design, it automatically switches time zones. In addition to notifications, the Sequent Smartwatch uses the latest technology. This includes an activity tracker, heart rate sensor, and built-in GPS. The Sequent Smartwatch also comes with a companion app. In the app, you can view your metrics and even receive performance and health coaching.

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