Skydio R1 Self Flying Video Camera

$1999 USD
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Capture your best moments from above in stunning 4K footage with the Skydio R1 Self Flying Video Camera. This autonomous drone uses artificial intelligence to avoid obstacles while filming your exploits. You launch the drone simply by opening the sister app on your phone and swiping upwards on the screen. From the palm of your hand, the R1 soars upwards to the ideal vantage point. Designed for cyclists and other outdoor adventures, the R1 automatically captures your highlights. In fact, this drone is as good as having your own aerial film crew. It has several modes to pick from, so you can choose the most cinematic route. You can also place the drone at the perfect angle, or take full manual control from your phone. As soon as the R1 lands, you receive a shareable video clip via the app.

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