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Smartduvet Breeze Self-Making Temperature Bed

$179 USD
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Turn your bed into a smart bed with the Smartduvet Breeze Self-Making Temperature Bed. This system has so many intelligent features to make your life easier. Firstly, the Smartduvet Breeze features dual-zone temperature control. Both you and your partner can determine the perfect climate for sleeping to achieve total comfort. Some like it cool and some like it hot. Either way, the Smartduvet Breeze does it all. In addition to climate control, this smart system removes humidity, prevents bed bugs, and reduces sweating. If that’s not enough, the Smartduvet Breeze actually makes your bed for you. Incredibly, it uses an inflation system to lift the duvet back to its original position. The Smartduvet Breeze is the ultimate bedtime accessory to ensure the best night’s sleep.

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