Sence – The Evolution of Mindfulness and Productivity

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Sence gives you insights that help you improve your wellbeing by automatically logging when and where you feel key emotions. Sence is the only smart bracelet accurate and practical enough to identify and track the emotional states that matter to you most. Imagine the actionable self-knowledge you can get from understanding exactly when and where you felt sad or stressed, or when you were the most vital and productive. Sence will help you discover the hidden details of your emotional balance so you can take control and enhance your day-to-day activities. SenceHub’s powerful algorithms turn the raw data provided by SenceBand into actionable analytics. Using SenceHub, you’ll be able to track your stress, vitality, and emotions so you can adjust your daily routine to maximize happiness and productivity. You can also track your daily physical activity, steps, heart rate, and vitality levels. Now you’ll finally know what time of day is YOUR best to pump iron or go for a run by understanding how your vitality naturally ebbs and flows.

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