Sensoria – Smart Socks to Track Your Running

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Sensoria Smart Socks deliver what other trackers on the market can’t: real-time updates based on dynamic data and statistics. Data is gathered from an electronic anklet that attaches to the special socks with built-in sensors. Going beyond the typical tracking parameters of distance, calories, steps, and the like, Sensoria Smart Socks also analyze your foot landing technique and cadence. Real-time data collection, made possible with Bluetooth, is uploaded directly to the Sensoria phone app. From there, the app will give you real-time audio notifications of how to improve, such as breathing on a certain foot to better utilize energy. You can also use the app after your run to examine your running style to improve time, identify injury-prone habits, and even to set and break goals. The Sensoria Smart Socks bring running to the 21st Century.

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