SHEEX® Performance Bedding and Sleepwear

$149 USD
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SHEEX® is the world’s first patented performance cooling bedding and sleepwear. SHEEX® combines unmatched softness with athletic apparel like capabilities to keep you comfortable no matter how much things heat up, perfect for the summer heat. The secret is SHEEX® breathable performance fabrics, which wick moisture away to keep you dry while releasing the heat that leads to wetness in the first place. SHEEX® fabrics allow up to 2X of the air to breathe, unlike traditional cotton which traps heat. SHEEX® performance fabrics stretch in four directions, satisfying even the rowdiest sleepers, and retain a slight sheen that makes them even more inviting. SHEEX® performance fabrics keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night, providing the most unrivaled, restorative sleep you can and will ever experience. And if you can’t imagine the SHEEX experience, the Company offers a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

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