Shopify Chip & Swipe Reader

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Take your small business to your target market with the Shopify Chip & Swipe Reader. This compact device functions as a portable cash register. Only wide enough to fit a credit card, it works with all major brands. These include Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover. In addition, it remains pocket-sized so you can take your sales on the road. The Chip & Swipe Reader uses EMV chip authentication technology as well as industry-leading encryption. This safeguards both you and your customers for identity and account security. Best of all, the Chip & Swipe Reader syncs directly with your Shopify account. For every sale, both online and offline, your account is updated accordingly. Incredibly, the compact device has a powerful battery to last up to 400 chip transactions and 700 swipe transactions. It also comes with a travel case to keep it safe.

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