Shorts For Living – by Taylor Boardshort Co.

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Thanks to Taylor Boardshort Co., men’s swim shorts have finally undergone a classic makeover. Just like the name says, this swimwear can be considered as a pair of perfect shorts for living. From the beach to the bar, you can wear them anywhere on the go. Those who live amidst a beach culture can truly make good use of these shorts which doesn’t look out of place even when you’re not at the beach. They are built for swimming yet appropriate anywhere and that’s what makes them one of their kind. These shorts aren’t for sitting around in. They’re designed for the days where you don’t know what is on the horizon. This is why every set comes with a small backpack so that you’re able to carry your essentials and set forth on a fun journey anyday. The original range is inspired by the 4 elements that make up our day: Sand, Sea, Summit and Sky. Let’s go for a dive, shall we?

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