Crate&Barrel Cast Iron Shrimp Grill Pan

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Keep all the shrimp on the grill with the Crate&Barrel Cast Iron Shrimp Grill Pan. This unique grill accessory prevents shrimp from falling through the grates while they cook. The cast-iron pan comes with slots for up to 22 pieces of shrimp. Keeping them upright in place while grilling, you never have to worry about uneven cooking again. Likewise, it makes it easy to keep them well buttered or marinated. Doubling as a serving dish, you don’t even have to transfer the shrimp to a plate. The pan also comes with handles to make it easier to hold. Moreover, the cast iron pan is oven-safe if you prefer to cook them that way. To clean the grill pan, just hand wash it like you would with any cast iron cookware.

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