SipSup – Mobile Connected Drinking Glass

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Inviting your friends over for a party eventually leads to another photo album on your smartphone. With SipSup, you can actually share those moments with others. It’s the world’s first smart drinking glass which serves as a curated photo album of your special moments. The concept is simple – whenever someone wants to share a picture with you, all they need to do is tap their mobile phone having the SipSup app with the SipSup glass. The photo gets uploaded on your SipSup which you can view later by tapping your smartphone on the SipSup. It’s a great approach to sharing pictures from your celebrations through a simple and elegantly designed drinking glass. If you thought storing your favorite moments was limited to your smartphone’s storage alone, think again. Physical objects such as your SipSup drinking glass can take up a part of that space (470MB) now too!

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