Sitpack – Foldable Seat For Resting on the Go

$60 USD
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Sitpack gives you the power to enjoy portable seating without being a burden to bring along. This ergonomic seating system is extremely functional and easy to carry. The rubber foot will grip the ground in a way so that you can relax securely while the top outer shell can be used as a seat after folding up. To add to this is the telescopic leg which allows for extreme compatibility. The design is pretty sustainable and can be put to good use at open-air events where camping chairs are often left behind, causing major problem. Sitpack embodies the positive outcomes of resting with the right posture. Correct resting increases blood circulation and thereby your focus. It soothes a tired back, and it will keep your energy levels higher throughout the day, while stimulating muscles and balance. Coming in seven bright colors, this could be the next cool accessory you can carry outdoors for some quick resting on the go.

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