SL8 Tablet Edition

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SL8™ (pronounced slāte) is a multi-reversible neoprene sleeve designed to protect your iPad or tablet. It is constructed out of multiple layers of soft spongy neoprene. Each of these layers is double sided. These layers along with the matching flaps are combined in a way that makes this case reversible sixteen different ways, giving you sixteen different looks in one case. All you do is reach inside one of the openings and turn the case inside out to show a new color. Turn it again and get another color. Turn it again and turn it again. The flaps on both sides of the case allow you to further customize its look by flipping one of the flaps to the front or the back. We call this “flippability.” The SL8™ Tablet Edition is sized to fit an Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Air 2, or the newly introduced Apple 9.7” iPad Pro, as well as similarly sized tablets or eReaders such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A 9.7” and Galaxy Tab S2 9.7”. The 2 millimeter thick layers (8 millimeter total) of neoprene are designed to keep your device well padded.

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