Neuroon Open Smart Sleep Enhancing Wearable

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Smarten up the way you relax with the Neuroon Open Smart Sleep Enhancing Wearable. This mask uses the latest technology to monitor and analyze your sleep. Using the app, you can view valuable feedback into your sleep habits. You can make adjustments in your bedroom to contribute to your best rest. During your sleep, the Neuroon detects your REM phase, temperature, and overall sleep quality. Incredibly, it then adjusts the temperature, turns down music, and slowly lights the room for smart wake-ups. In addition, the Neuroon Open can also help induce lucid dreaming as well as meditation. Because Neuroon Open is open source, you can tailor the device to you. Finally, the Neuroon app is a central place to find all of the metrics and details of your sleep. The EEG monitor can tell you about your brain waves, deep sleep vs, light sleep, heart rate, and more. With the Neuroon Open, you can enhance every part of your sleep.

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