Sliders – The First Of Its Kind

$499 USD
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The Slider combines the concepts of kick scooter and folding bicycle to inspire a ride uniquely suited to the stop-and-go’s of urban environments. The essence of The Sliders is mobility, style, and convenience.Its open frame is specially designed to accommodate dresses and skirts. It can be smoothly mounted and dismounted, kicked or pedaled. When not riding, it can be quickly folded up for easy transport or tucked away for storage. Want a pace faster than walking, yet more leisurely than a bicycle? As you slide around in fashion, you stand at ease while taking in your surrounding’s spontaneous happenings and aesthetic details. We start from woman needs, Designer Paul’s girlfriend can’t jump on a normal 26″ bike easily, and she want to ride it with skirts or suits. So that we spent so many time on develop a better ergonomic design. It not only creates a less restrictive framework but also allows riders to seamlessly transition between kicking, cycling, and gliding. Compact your Slider takes just one quick click to pull open two hinges and its ready to be folded and readily grasped. Open with holding onto the grip and slide. Folding process can reduce the storage volume by half. Now you can easily take it on the train, in a taxi, or into the office. With its low cross frame and small wheel diameter, the Slider is ideal for ladies who want to rock both skirts and bikes. Without worries of straddling while riding and sliding, you can put on that chic skirt or dress and hit the road!

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