Booklign Slim Foldable Bookstand

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Effortlessly keep a page right where you want it with the Booklign Slim Foldable Bookstand. Featuring a book spine holding system, Booklign comes with a center slot that allows the book spine to sit naturally. Likewise, it reduces the resilience of the book and helps to keep the book open. It also features a dual clip that makes it much easier to turn pages and hold them down. Additionally, Booklign’s foldable spine and 10-millimeter thickness make it conveniently portable. Furthermore, Booklign adjusts to angle settings, providing the ideal reading posture. This compactly foldable bookstand features a patent-pending smart foldable structure, making it easy to carry and neat to store. Smaller than A4, Booklign offers solid angled support for most books. Finally, this stylish bookstand comes in three colors: black, gray and beige.

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