Nuni 6-Slot Tortilla Toaster

$79 USD
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Enjoy your favorite dish the authentic way with the Nuni 6-Slot Tortilla Toaster. This must-have kitchen gadget is the finishing touch on any Mexican dish. The Nuni Toaster features six different slots at the top. Simply slide in your tortillas, rotate the center module, and turn the dial. The Nuni Toaster saves you the hassle of having to flip each tortilla. Working much like a traditional toaster, this system heats and toasts every inch on both sides of your tortillas. It’s better than the typical stove or comal methods. The Nuni Toaster features 5 different heat settings. You can easily turn the dial clockwise to increase the heat. With this, you can opt for simply heated or the crispiest tortillas ever. When your tortillas are ready, you can easily rotate the center again to have them all come out.

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