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Qmplete Smart Digital Wallet

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Unclutter your wallet once and for all with the Qmplete Smart Digital Wallet. This single card can replace all of your cards including membership cards, gift cards, and more. Complete with a touchscreen, you simply present the Qmplete card and select your payment preference on the touchscreen display. It actually offers a dynamic EMV chip as well as magnetic strip so you have payment method options. In addition to convenience, the Qmplete card also gives you access to reward points on purchases. The Qmplete rewards platform allows you to earn points which can be used on brands like Hilton, Oakley, McDonalds and Gucci. In fact, you can even do card to card money transfers. Qmplete charges via NFC and also connects via Bluetooth. PCI compliant, you can lock and erase Qmplete if the card is ever lost. And, you can program a PIN for total security.

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