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Waggit Smart Dog Health Wearable

$199 USD
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Pet parents rejoice! Finally, a smart wearable for dogs, fully equipped with the latest health, activity and location tracking technology, that makes proactively managing your fur babies health and well being, as easy as loving him! More than an activity tracker, the Waggit health and well-being monitor provides key indicators to potential health issues early, improving and possibly extending the life of your dog. The Waggit smart collar and app learns your dog’s personal baselines, continuously monitors vital health information and alerts you if anything seems amiss. With this, you can get ahead of pain or potential health issues early and have peace of mind. The ability for Waggit to alert you to any issues early makes it truly life changing vs. just a novelty. It also provides key safety features like “find my dog”, and engaging activity and nutrition tracking features as well. Designed for all members of your pack at any stage of life, the Waggit smart collar allows you to know more, act sooner and keep your fur babies happy, healthy and safe at all times.

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