Cowboy Smart Electric Bike

$2110 USD
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Enjoy moving around town with the Cowboy Smart Electric Bike. This personal vehicle comes with intuitive motor assistance, allowing you to ride at a quicker pace. As you pedal faster, the intelligent speed and torque sensors work to give you an extra boost. Likewise, you’ll find it easier to ride the bike uphill. The powerful battery provides up to 50 kilometers of riding freedom and fully charges in just 2.5 hours. Easily removable, the battery is light and compact enough to fit comfortably in your backpack. To keep you safe while riding, the bike features built-in front and rear safety lights that work in any condition. When you decrease your speed by using the hydraulic brakes, the brake light increases your visibility. Weighing only 16 kilograms, the Cowboy is easy to use and carry. The app also offers live dashboard, GPS tracking, navigation and more to improve your riding experience.

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