Garadget Smart Garage Door Controller

$89 USD
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Control and monitor your garage door from anywhere with the Garadget Smart Garage Door Controller. The proactive notifications of the system help to avoid familiar mishaps such as driving off with the garage door left open or forgetting to close it for the night. Your smartphone is always with you, and with Garadget this means you always have access to your home. And, you can also let your friends and family in while you are away. With its innovative laser sensor, Garadget installs in minutes and does not require long wiring or batteries. It works with most existing garage door openers by simulating taps on the wall button. The controller connects to your home Wi-Fi router to receive commands and report the door status. Garaget works with a free iOS, Android and web companion app. Finally, it also features skills for voice control, IFTTT channel, integration with home automation systems, wearable apps, and open API for developers.

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