Aeolus Smart Home Robot

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Turn your dream of having a robot in your home into a reality with the Aeolus Smart Home Robot. Offering convenience and companionship, the Aeolus Robot is a working prototype of a robotic household assistant. Using AI and machine learning, the Aeolus Robot can vacuum your house and recognize countless objects. Additionally, it can learn your preferences such as your favorite drink. The Aeolus Robot comes with interchangeable and extendable arms so it can mop, vacuum, move items, put dishes away and more. Likewise, the robot recognizes and accepts voice commands so you can just tell it what to do. It also responds to text commands. Furthermore, the Aeolus Robot can integrate with home technology systems such as Google Home, Alexa and more. Finally, use the app to monitor the robot and see everything it saw. The Aeolus Robot will be available in the last quarter of 2018.

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