bödysöf-WASH Smart Shower System

$98 USD
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Revolutionize your shower experience with the bödysöf-WASH Smart Shower System. With the push of its handle, bödysöf-WASH blends body wash into your shower water for instant lathering. Likewise, this speeds up shower time if you want. It reverts to clear water when finished. Repeat as needed. bödysöf-WASH removes caustic pH spikes like a bubble bath for better skincare and enhances the aroma of your body wash. Better than a bath, bödysöf-WASH reduces energy, water use and time to scrub bathtubs clean. It also protects users from inhaling deadly & harmful lung infecting pathogens bred in shower heads transmitted by shower mist. Moreover, it gets soap to awkward areas such as your back. bödysöf-WASH comes with a wall mounted tank that holds around 30 applications, a push-to-start handle, and an in-line pipe mounted mixer. Install in 2-minutes with no tools or expertise. bödysöf-WASH fits any handheld or wall shower.

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