The Smartest Open-Source Router

$240 USD
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Routers won’t be over complicated anymore from the time you have Lylo at home. This is the smartest open-source router with easy WiFi which looks way cooler than any router you’ve had till date. It is riding the wave of connected objects and has only one goal: to make your life easier. In fact, you can also call Lylo as the nerve center of your home. Pairing devices with it is as easy as just a touch. The admin will receive an instant notification confirming the connection and thus the security of using this amazing next-gen router. With Lylo, you can turn your lights on and off, set your thermostat from wherever you are, wake up gently with a gradual light and simply program every object you want to interact with. One of the coolest features of Lylo is the ad blocker which will automatically remove those annoying ads from all websites and apps. Not only this, Lylo can even keep your kids safe from watching adult content. From blocking unwanted devices to allowing guest user mode, this is the most smart router you and your family can ever have at home.

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