Smartphone-Enabled Virtual Reality Headset by VRKiX

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Go on an adventure and transport yourself to another world with the smartphone-enabled Virtual Reality Headset by VRKiX. You can now have adventure awaiting your arrival anywhere you go with this headset. With a pillow-backed head strap with 1.5-inch wide fully adjustable elastic, you won’t need a break any time soon. Complete with ventilation ports and thick goggle padding, the lenses in the VRKiX headset are completely adjustable so you don’t even need to wear your glasses. The spring-loaded hinged door reveals a compartment for holding your smartphone. It’s tight enough to keep you phone steady even during the wildest adventures. There is also a removable front access plate allowing you to use your camera for enhanced, app-enabled VR experiences. With a large screen and 3D capabilities, you’ll be on a new adventure every day.

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