Black Eye Pro Kit Smartphone Lens Clips

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Take your mobile photography to the professional level with the Black Eye Pro Kit Smartphone Lens Clips. It comes with three different lenses to give your shots a whole new perspective. The Pro Kit starts off with the Tele 3X. With a 39-degree angle, it offers 60mm in a 35mm format for a shallow depth of field. Next up with the Full-Frame Fisheye which sports a full 180 degrees. It’s the ideal selfie lens. Finally, the Macro HD has an incredible 15 times zoom and a focus distance of 20-26mm. You can get nice and close to capture all the microscopic details. The Pro Kit gives your smartphone the capability you wish it had. In addition, all of the lenses clip easily to your device. All of the parts come in a sleek travel case for you to take everywhere.

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