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BLIPS Ultra-Thin Smartphone Microscopy Lenses

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Explore the tiny world around you with the BLIPS Ultra-Thin Smartphone Microscopy Lenses. Compatible with all smartphones and tablets, these lenses provide you with detail not available to the naked eye. BLIPS come in four strengths: Macro plus, Macro, Micro, and Ultra. Each one gives you a deeper view and more detail. The BLIPS easily attach to your device. The lenses attach with a reusable sticker. This design keeps the lenses ultra flush against your device so you can still pop it into your pocket. This also means they work with any device. You can even cut the strips to fit your smartphone perfectly. In addition, the BLIPS come with a small carrying card that you can store right in your wallet. BLIPS deliver high resolution and incredible detail. You can view the smallest parts of flowers, intense detail in eyes, and so much more.

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