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Folding Longboard by

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Longboards are popular with commuters and hobbyists because they provide the unique experience of a smoother and more comfortable ride when compared to traditional skateboards. However, there is one big drawback to the longboard – it’s long, and carrying it or storing it may be cumbersome or downright impossible at times. Longboarding enthusiasts no longer need to carry a big longboard at inopportune moments now that the foldable SNAP Longboard is available. This beautifully crafted 41.5-inch longboard has ample standing room for maximum comfort and it’s integrated with four powerful patented hinge mechanisms that absorb road vibration to provide fast and smooth cruising. But, its best feature is to fold compactly in half to easily place inside any locker or to discreetly bring along in a backpack, so you can: RIDE IT. FOLD IT. STOW IT., anytime, anywhere more conveniently and comfortably than any other longboard.

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