Snap – The Flying Camera from Vantage Robotics

$915 USD
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Introducing Snap, the flying camera from Vantage Robotics. Rather than a drone with a camera, this device is a camera with a drone attached. Equipped with a Sony Exmoor 4k sensor and automatic gimbal stabilization, Snap delivers quality video with 120 frames per second all at 1080p. Easily folding in half with a detachable camera, Snap also fits right in your bag so you can always bring it with you. The quadcopter design has a protection panel on the outside of each blade making Snap safe for everyone. The amazing technology inside this camera-drone combo enables it to automatically follow you for the best footage, all with no effort. In a single charge, Snap can fly for 20 minutes, reaching speeds of 30 mph and can handle winds up to 20 mph.

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