SNOO Smart and Safe Crib

$1160 USD
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Ensure your bundle of joy is as happy as can be with the SNOO Smart and Safe Crib from Happiest Babies. Using the latest technology, this crib not only lets your little one drift off to peaceful sleep but it also tracks your baby’s crying. With these metrics, SNOO is able to determine your baby’s distress level and adjust its slow sways, quick jiggles, or even rocking to soothe your baby back to sleep. The final product after four years of development, the SNOO Smart and Safe Crib allows parents to have peace of mind with their little one. The crib uses the creator’s methods such as swaddling, side or stomach position, sushing, swinging, and sucking. The SNOO Crib even has a built-in sleep sack to secure your baby in place while he or she sleeps. Lastly, the crib is equipped with three different types of gentle white noise to create an ideal sleeping environment for babies.

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