Snoppa Go – World’s First GoPro Stabilizer with Integrated Control

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Designed for GoPro, it is the first hand-held gimbal with integrated controls to simultaneously control GoPro and the gimbal. Using the Snoppa Go will completely transform your videos and change the way you capture memorable scenes and action sports forever. With Snoppa Go you can hold, control, and operate your GoPro with one hand. Now you can follow any action and capture smooth shots with ease. The Snoppa Go uses 3 brushless motors and advanced sensors to keep your camera level and stable during any kind of activity. The advanced 3-axis stabilization technology instantly compensates and auto-balances for vibrations, arm shake, and body movement. It allows you to follow a subject or capture an action scene perfectly, resulting in video footage that is stable across any plane of motion that perfectly captures the action.

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